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(Photo: Mack Tharpe on the left, Bobby Dodd on the right.) Perhaps to most Georgia Tech fans, the name Mack Tharpe may strike a chord only as one of the two men for whom Tech’s athletics fund is named, the other being coaching great William Alexander. However, the story of Mercer McCall “Mack” Tharpe is […]

Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz led the Allied naval forces to victory in the Pacific in World War II. He was born February 24, 1885, in Fredericksburg, Texas to Anna (Henke) Nimitz. He died on February 20, 1966, of complications following a stroke. Nimitz’s father, Chester Bernard Nimitz, did not live to see his son […]

MAJOR GENERAL CLAIRE LEE CHENNAULT (With honorary grade of Lieutenant General) Maj. Gen. Claire Lee Chennault was a World War II leader of the famed Flying Tigers in China, for whom Chennault Air Force Base, Lake Charles, La., is named. He was born in Commerce, Texas, 1890; died New Orleans, Louisiana, July 27, 1958. Claire […]

Robin Olds – Early Life & Career: Born July 14, 1922 in Honolulu, HI, Robin Olds was the son of then-Captain Robert Olds and his wife Eloise. The oldest of four, Olds spent the majority of his childhood at Langley Field in Virginia where his father was stationed as an aide to Brigadier General Billy […]

Richard O’Kane retired in 1957, and was awarded the Medal of Honor for valor as commander of the USS Tang in South Pacific. The Tang sank a Japanese ship every 11 days on five patrols and rescued scores of US fliers who had been shot down in raids on Japanese ships and bases. During one […]

Jacqueline Cochran was born, date uncertain, near the sawdust roads, cotton fields and small sawmill town of DeFuniak Springs in West Florida. She grew up in poverty, never owning a pair of shoes until she was nine. Her poverty and lack of education did not deter her. She went from being a barefoot girl, who […]

After three failed attempts to flee from his German captors, World War II fighter pilot and prisoner-of-war Bob Hoover was running out of escape options. When a staged fight among the other prisoners diverted the attention of the prison guards, the former Stalag Luft I resident hopped a barbwire fence and went looking for the […]

Lewis Kenneth Bausell was born April 17, 1924 in Pulaski, Virginia. He moved to Washington D. C., at age 7 and he went to McKinley Tech High School in Washington, D. C. He entered the United States Marine Corps right after Pearl Harbor at age 17 (his father signed for him) as he tried to […]

John Basilone was born in 1916 in Buffalo, New York, one of 10 children of Salvatore and Dora Basilone. Reared and educated in Raritan, New Jersey, he gained local attention as a light-heavyweight boxer. He enlisted in the Army when he was 18 and served in the Philippines, where he picked up the nickname “Manila […]

Background Following their attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), the Japanese Imperial Navy occupied scores of islands throughout the western Pacific Ocean. Japan’s goal was to create a defensive buffer against attack from the United States and its Allies—one that would ensure Japan mastery over East Asia and the Pacific. After the United States’ […]